This blog used to be about AS3 and MIDI in the browser. It’s pretty dusty.

I’m still messing around with MIDI but my horizons have broadened.

Let’s see if we can wipe away some of the dust..

Published on 1/19/2009 17:57

I spend most of my free time messing around with action script and music software.

Over the past few months I’ve managed to find quite  a lot of stuff relating to both of them, although not in any one convenient place, So I thought I’d stick it all here for other people to use.

I hope people find this useful, and bear in mind I’m not a real flash developer, so feel free to pull me up on things I could be doing better.


4 Responses to About

  1. Ezra Paulekas says:

    Hello, I have been playing around with FLosc + Osculator for the past couple of days.

    I have managed to get FLosc talking to Osculator without a problem but the messages seem to be wrong.

    I am using a modified (fixed up) version of the fwiidom as3 flosc classes (based on phy5ics blog posts).

    how are you constructing your messages? here is what im doing to construct the message

    _oscConnection.sendOSCPacket(new OSCPacket(“/OSCControl/”+e.control, [e.value/127], OSCULATOR_IP, OSCULATOR_PORT));

    I have tried sending both 0.0 to 1.0 values and 0 to 127 values, with no luck, it looks like osculator is interpreting each value as its own controller and i am unable to assign those to midi CC.

    any help, or shared code would be greatly appreciated. I have really hit a wall.


    • tim says:

      I don’t really use OSCulator, i had a play when i was looking at my options but i found it more complex than i needed.
      is this a problem with the OSCulator side rather than Flash and FLOsc side?

      I’ll have to sit and play, but i seem to remember having similar troubles – ie. i could get Flash to talk to OSCulator but had trouble getting OSCulator to talk to anything else.

      What are you hoping to achieve with OSC and Flash?

    • tim says:

      i just had a quick look at your code, and i have been constructing my messages a little differently.
      With Occam, the arrays should contain;
      for MIDI Note messages -[Channel, Note, Velocity]
      and for MIDI CC – [Channel, Index, Value]

      I expect as you are only sending a single value in your array, OSCulator is seeing this as the Channel, and that may be why you are getting lots of different events instead of one event with different values.

      I hope this helps. i haven’t yet had a look at OSCultaor, but this might get you started 🙂

      i will get round to doing a post on how to use the Fwiidom classes soon.

  2. Graham says:

    hey tim

    im trying to get occam to recieve from my iphone to use touchosc with it. its picking up a network when i enter the codes et all but occam wont pick up any signal from the iphone when im moving the sliders

    any reccomendations?

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