Getting FLOsc Up and Running…

February 19, 2009

I had a few problems get FLOsc running in Windows XP, due to some problems with java classpaths or something. What Sun had to say didn’t work for me, but thanks anyway. I ended up having to set it manually every time, which isn’t such a hassle as you can write a .bat file to launch FLOsc.

Your .bat file wants to look something like this…

set classpath=c:\program~1\flosc\;.;

java Gateway 10000 57117

with your classpath being wherever you keep flosc, but don’t miss the extra .; . 57117 is the default port that Occam uses, and you can send OSC messages to Flash on port 10000. Obviously you can use whichever ports you like.

In OS X, I didn’t have any such troubles. Just write a script very similar to the one above minus the classpath line, save it as flosc.command (for example). Then open terminal, type cd followed by the  file path, followed by

chmod 755 flosc.command

to make it executable. Now you can just double click it to run FLOsc.
On to the fun stuff…